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Alpaca fiber - A whole new animal!

Product Options

Size: ~2 3/4/inches round
Color: Light & Dark

They Really Work !!!

Dryer Balls!!!

Price: $5.25

Options & Payment

Order by Phone: 262.970.9633

Shipping & Handling

$5.25 each
$19.00 for 4
Shipping $5.95 or stop by it is a lot more fun!

Product Specs

  • We make them in light & dark colors for light and dark laundry loads
  • Most loads require 3 or 4 balls to work their magic, purchase 4 dryer balls for $15.00

Product Description

I (this is Margery), was skeptical the first time I used them, however now I've converted from dryer sheets to dryer balls.

They are Eco friendly and reduce static cling. 100% well made alpaca fleece felted for durability and long long long life.