Greenbriar Farm - MAM Consulting Associates Inc.

Where you can get any color alpaca you want as long as it is black.

Huacaya Male

Bay Black, True Black
Ready for the bussiness of herd building
Price: $11,900
Bay Black, True Black
33 month AFD=19.39 SD=4.16 Staple=110mm
True Black
Natan Sapa means "Black Attack"
Medium Rose Grey
Beautiful Modern Rose Grey!
True Black
Some darkneess rubbed off!
True Black
Taku Sapa means "To Be Black" & he is!
Bay Black, True Black
Fleece scorched over black.
True Black
His name means Apex Black
True Black
AFD=21.86 SD=4.82 @ 2nd shearing!
Medium Fawn
Superb fleece characteristics already.
True Black
His name means Asert Black
Dark Silver Grey, True Black
8 yr. old - AFD=22.2 SD=4.4 CV=20.0
Stud Fee: $2,500
True Black
Bold with stong conformation & soft hand
True Black
Watt--34 mo. AFD=22.6 SD=5.2 Staple=95mm
Light Fawn, Medium Fawn
Light fawn among blacks.
White, Bay Black
Forhead has Australia painted there.
True Black
1050 days (3rd) AFD=23.32, SD=4.7
Stud Fee: $3,000