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Monday, December 9, 2013

Water, Water, Where did the Water go?

OK, for you that have automatic water'rs this is the time to put your feet up on the desk, sit back, and have a good laugh or reflection on why you water the way you do. Last night temperatures reached zero. I was finishing chores as the sun set and was interested in finishing soon because the temperature was dropping rapidly and I was beginning to feel the sting. So I wrapped up and did not do my usual checklist just before heading in and apparently thought I would do it when I started today. The first thing I ran into were solid blocks of ice I used to call water buckets in the trailer behind the ATV. When I went to lift them nearly took my arm off. Ice is definitely heavier than water! Well this night started by taking the buckets into the basement, filling the washtub with hot water to start the thawing, and then the task of filling and emptying them until all the ice was gone. Then I got to change clothes before going back out for this nights chores because of the shower I had taken thawing buckets. It is amazing how early it gets dark these days and how upset the alpacas were for being a little tardy with their candy (supplement). Next time I won't be in such a hurry to get in and now I am looking for some ice to have a drink.