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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Illinois Alpaca Show Results OR...Hmmm

Marge and I entered three of our maidens in True Black Yearling Huacaya at the Illinois Alpaca Show in Grayslake October 26, 2013. We predicted the order if they did not walk was Suluta, BobbyJo, and Atungya. Suluta possesses the type of fleece the spinning mills seek where the primary and secondary fibers are nearly equal. BobbyJo has nice fleece with great conformation but shorter staple, and Atungya carries nice conformation but her primary fibers are a bit heavier than her secondary fibers.

Well we definitely access fleece quality different than the show system. We finished second, third, and fourth in the class which was exciting, but the order was Atungya, BobbyJo, and Suluta. Well we got one right with BobbyJo in the middle - Right?

Atungya was recognized to have white fibers as an observation but not deduction because color contamination is not a deduction in the show ring. She carried "excellent fineness, superb conformation with a soft hand."

BobbyJo was "consistently black but not as uniform as those placing ahead in the class."

Suluta "is well built with more capacity and true to type with fineness and very soft hand."