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Fiber / Scientific Data

2017AFD=23.6 SD=4.8 CV=20.2 CF=90.9 Staple=75mm (Watt)
2016AFD=22.4 SD=4.9 CV=22.0 Staple=90mm (Watt)
2015AFD=22.82 SD=5.36 CV=23.51 Staple=105mm
2014AFD=21.2 SD=4.8 CV=22.5 Staple=89.4mm
2013AFD=23.3 SD=5.1 CV=21.8 Staple=110.4mm
2012AFD=17.6 SD=3.8 CV=21.7 Staple=120mm

Ready for the bussiness of herd building

MAMGB Ahanhepi [Ah'-Han] "Overcome by Darkness"

ARI# 32217025   D.O.B. 7/22/2011 (12 yrs)

Huacaya, Herdsire (Male), Proven | Bay Black, True Black

Sire: Patagonia's Admiral | ARI# 31497992  | Bay Black 
Dam: Patagonia's Pepita | ARI# 31497633  | True Black |


$15,000 7th yr AFD=23.6 & SD=4.8

Stud Fee:

Ask for Fee ROI=5 breedings
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5th Full Shearing - AFD=22.4 SD=4.9 Staple=90mm
2017 sheared 7.2 pounds with over half blanket.

Ahanhepi pronounced Ah-han-hep'-ee and we call him A'han.

Admiral is the whose who in outstanding blacks coupling Lennox and Danko with Nishio and El Padre lines. The Lennox line carried density into the match and Nishio carried the fineness to produce a fine, very dense male. When Pepita was bred to Admiral it combined Shackleton, Pluro, Neruda, El Vasco, and doubled up on the Danko. This resulted in the outstanding cria, Ahanhepi.

Mid Side is where samples have been take. This was the result of mid side age 7:
AFD=23.6 SD=4.8 CV=20.2 CF=90.9

We completed a grid sample on him this year age 7 and showed consistent results.
Shoulder AFD=25.2 SD=5.1 CV=20.4 CF=85.3

Hip AFD=26.1 SD=5.1 CV=19.6 CF=81.3

This has demonstrated competent fleece characteristics carried long into latter years an excellent trait of a male you want to bring in as a herd sire.


2012 - Spring Bling - Halter Juvenile Bay Black Male - Jude Anderson - "Uniform fleece in color and density with a fine fleece, but has some maturing to do - he's still young and needs to buff up a bit - but is a well proportioned compact male." There were 8 in the class.
2012 - Nationals - Fleece Juvenile Black Male - Cathy Merkley
2012 - Illinois Alpaca Show - Halter Full Fleece Huacaya Bay Black Male Yearling
2014 - Wisconsin Alpaca and Fiber Fest - Halter Full Fleece Huacaya Black Male Two year old
2015 - AOA National Show - Fleece Black Adult
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