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Alpaca fiber - A whole new animal!

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17/micron Fleece-Skirted and Blown Out

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  • please call - - - we have black and brown fiber, ranging from 17/micron to mid-20's.

Product Description

We shear in May, this is the time in which we have the greatest variety
- 17 and lower
- most fleece is low to mid 20's
- some over 30 (older girls) for those 'durable' projects (eg. rugs)

When I purchased fleece 'off the animal', I have been disappointed with the amount of the farm that I received along with the fleece. Therefore our raw fleece has been skirted, where I go through it by hand to remove the majority of the farm AND, blow out the fleece with an air-compressor to remove the majority of the loose dirt. This fleece is ready to be washed.

If you are looking for raw 'off the animal' fleece, call and we can reserve some from the shearing table for you.

Our program produces primarily black fleece, however we do have other colors . . .
- Dark Brown, our program produces a nice deep/rich brown with red/burgundy
- Light Brown
- Fawn

Please give us a call to see what we have in stock