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Size: 5.5/inches square

Your Birds Will Thank You !!!

Birdnest - Alpaca Fleece for Bird Nests

Price: $5.00

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Order by Phone: 262.970.9633

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We ship USPS, shipping = $13.00. We don't want freight costs to be more expensive than required, if you would like to purchase multiple items, please contact us and we'll work to keep your freight costs down.

Product Specs

  • 5.5/inches square

Product Description

We've had similar bird nesting material in various parts of our yard for the last several years. We hang them in the same places every year and over time birds have gravitated to them. We like to think that the birds on our farm have better housing than the rest of the country side, or at least, they have softer/comfier homes to raise their young.

MAMGB Greenbriar Farm raises black fleeced Alpacas in Waukesha Wisconsin. Please feel free to give us a call and schedule your farm tour to meet the animals that produce this wonderful fleece!